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Friday, June 4, 2010

Well, I had been pushing it off as long as possible, but the time finally came that I needed to start feeding Sara Wells real food. At her four month check-up our pediatrician asked if I had started feeding her rice cereal. Being totally honest, I told him no and I really did not want to anytime soon. He assured me by her height and weight curve that I was doing great nursing and I would know when she needed to start eating. It happened this past weekend at the lake. When I ate in front of her, she looked at me with her big round eyes like, "I cannot believe you are eating that in front of me and not giving me any. Please, please, please give me some of that yummy food!" There was no whining and fussing, just a deep longing in her eyes. That, plus the fact that the past few days she has not been napping great and pretty fussy, made me think it was time that I give in and start feeding her real food. I know that makes it sound like I am a terrible mom, but I really did not want to have to deal with one more step in the morning before we tried to get out the door. I honestly thought that she would gobble it up because I was starting to really feel like she was starving. That was not the case. I forgot how long it takes for babies to really learn how to eat. We are up to about 3 bites now, wahoo!

No, I did not upload the wrong pictures, Sara Wells is just the proud recipient of all of Ella's hand-me-downs. Don't worry, I don't put her in clothes with Ella's name or monogram. But I am not about to buy new bibs or burp clothes when Ella's are perfectly fine. Hopefully Sara Well's will not have a complex about it one day.

You know Ella was loving every minute of it!!!

Miller was still taking his nap when we fed Sara Wells for the first time, but we showed him the pictures. So the next morning when Ella was still asleep and I fed Sara Wells at breakfast, Miller was very adamant about feeding Sara Wells. I was a little reluctant, but I knew he wanted to be the big brother and feed Sara Wells just like Ella. He did a pretty good job. You can tell in one picture, he is getting a little too confident in his feeding abilities and tried to pull the spoon out of her cheek. Overall he did great. The difference between him and Ella is that now he has fed her and he is done with that. He does not feel the desire to do it anymore. Ella is a different story. Because she fed Sara Wells once, Ella thinks that she should always get to feed Sara Wells.


  1. How cute! My favorite pics are the ones of Miller feeding Sara Wells...the look on his little face is priceless!

  2. I know the feeling of putting off the feedings! I was just thinking the other day of how I would have to start making time to not only sit and nurse a baby, but also spend an extra 20 minutes or so feeding him real food. Not looking forward to that!

    I love the pictures of the kids feeding her. I think SA and TA would be the same way as Ella and Miller. Thomas would just want to try it out and Sarah Ann will probably want it to be her special job.