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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The Lee Clan has relocated to Lake Martin for the next few weeks. The kids have swim lessons down here the next two weeks, so because of the way that the two weeks fell between birthdays and holidays, we have moved our base camp to the lake for almost 3 weeks! I know it seems a little ridiculous to go to another city for swim lessons, but I could not find swim lessons for both Ella and Miller in Birmingham. All the lessons I found the kids had to be 3. Ella definitely needs swim lessons, but Miller is the one I am really worried about. He sees Ella swimming and jumping off the side and does not realize he cannot do everything she is doing. We are two days into the lessons and the kids are loving it! It is absolutely amazing how quickly they are learning. So, poor us. We are stuck at the most beautiful, relaxing lake for 3 weeks. Whatever will we do?

As I mentioned earlier, this past weekend was the first weekend that all the cousins were at the lake. It really was not as crazy as I had thought it might be (although I did get a few glimpses of what it might be like next summer with 5 under 5 running around). Probably because Chloe and Fitz are still newborns and sleeping (or at least trying) all the time. Sara Wells is only 5 months old and yet I have already forgotten how much newborns sleep! Just when you are ready to hold them and love on them it is time for them to go back to bed. That is probably why I have so few pictures. However we will all be together again for the 4th, so hopefully I will have better pictures.

You know Ella was in heaven. I think Ella's greatest joy in life is to take care of babies. Stephen took this picture with his phone. I was not there when this happened, but if I understood correctly, Wellon put the babies on the couch (without Ella) and one started fussing because their passy fell out. So Ella hopped up on the couch (without anyone aware of what she was doing) and put both passies in and just held them there talking to the babies, calming them down.

These are not the best of all the cousins. I had to snap these pictures very fast. Chloe looks like she is not too sure of the situation her parents have just put her in and Fitz looks so laid back, go with the flow.

We have had lots of boat rides. Our newest entertainment on the rides is feeding the fish. Ella and Miller waited so patiently, but the fish just never came.

Tuesday morning we went to Russel Stables. They were build last year and are absolutely beautiful! By far the prettiest stables I have ever seen. Really made me miss riding horses. Who knows, maybe I will get out my old riding boots! Ella and Miller loved, loved, loved it! We stayed for an hour petting all the horses and watching them get new shoes.

Ella is telling Grey goodbye. This was her conversation to Grey, "Goodbye Grey. I am so sorry that I have to leave you. But don't worry I will be back very soon." It was the sweetest thing. We may have another horse lover in the family.

Ella loves picking the tomatoes! The cherry tomato plant is overflowing with tomatoes that are as sweet as candy. Picking all those tomatoes did not change how Ella feels about them. As excited as she was to pick them, Ella still does not like the taste.

Last night Murray brought back some squash blossoms from our garden. We have heard over and over again about how great they are and have been dying to try them. Murray stuffed them with ricotta, parmesan and rosemary and then sauted them. Delicious!

Miller's first jump off the pontoon boat (and the dock). I took these pictures with my phone, I am pretty impressed with the quality! Today Coach Sammy told me that I needed to be careful with Miller at the pool these next few days because he now has a lot of confidence but is not quite there yet. Amen to that one! Miller would not even think about jumping off the dock and after one day of swim lessons he decided to jump off the pontoon boat all on his own! I wish there was some way to take a little bit of that confidence back:)