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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Only a few days late!

Christmas usually begins at our house the day after Thanksgiving. We put in the first Chrismas cd early in the morning, we all go and pick out the perfect Christmas Tree, on the way home we stop and buy eggnog and then spend the rest of the day decorating the tree and the house. Because we were not here the week of Thanksgiving our tradition was pushed back a little this year, but not too much. Last night we went and bought our Christmas Tree!!! This is always one of the most exciting days of the year for us!

We started off the Christmas festivities last night with our eggnog. Ella absolutely loved it!!! She could not get enough (for some reason I could not rotate the picture). But she was not about to leave a drop in her cup!

The lighting of the tree is usually a very big deal, one that Murray has declared to have no part in because he says I always complain that he does not do it right (I cannot help it if I like it just right!). Last year I think it took me 4 hours to put the light on the tree and about 20 strands! I know it is a little absurd, but it does look so beautiful! Well this year I decided to relax a little bit about the lights for two reasons. One, being 8 months pregnant it is not quite as easy to maneuver around the tree and stand up and sit down all the time. Two, we are having a Christmas party at our house tonight and we did not get home with the Christmas tree until 6:00 and get it inside until 7:00. I really did not want to stay up past midnight. All that to say our tree has a few less strands this year, I think only 8, but it is still very beautiful!

Ella loved helping with the lights!!! It is too bad the picture is blurry. However, this year she only got to help for about 20 minutes. It was too late for her and too much for us to handle.

Murray putting on the angle (which is always his job).

The finished product!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Pictures

My learning curve right now is very steep on blogging! I think I have figured out a way to share multiple pictures. Those of you who know me well know that it is so hard for me to narrow pictures down to just one or two. So now you can see a quick slideshow of our Thanksgiving festivities.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have not started out my blogging very strong, but with a good excuse. Murray took the week off and we spent the week at the lake. It was a great time of relaxing before the holiday festivities begin and before Baby Miller arrives.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday it was just Mommy, Daddy and Ella. Ella has always really like being at the lake but this week she LOVED it! This past summer Papa, Murray's dad, bought a golf cart "for Ella." Oh, she loved it this week. Every time we went outside she ran to the garage and banged on the doors saying "golp cart ide, golp cart ide, golp cart ide." We rode the golf cart every day to the new playground where Ella "payed and payed."

Ella quickly learned how to walk up the rope bridge to the slide.

Thursday morning we woke up and it was freezing. Well, not really freezing, just Alabama freezing which was probably about 45 or 50 degrees. But it was very windy! By Thursday all of Ella's grandparents had arrived so she was throughly entertained and did not miss the golf cart rides too much.

This was one successful vacation! Thank you Papa and EG for letting us have time away at the lake house!

(I was going to add more pictures but I think there is a problem with blogspot because it is taking forever!!!!! Hopefully I can add them later.)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Never Say Never

I know that some of you are in shock right now. I said I would never do it, but I have finally caved and entered into the blogging world. It all started with my good friend Whitney. Whitney recently moved to Boston and created her blog. I looked forward to her updates every few days to see what new and excited was going on in her life. Then another good friend quickly joined the blogging world and I added her Blog to my BookMark page. After that it seemed like all of our friends started blogging.

For some time now I have been enjoying keeping up with all of my friends, especially those out of town, through their blogs. In the last couple of months I have been feeling the pressure to start The Lee Family Blog but have resisted the temptation. However, recently I started to feel bad, I was enjoying everyone else's life but not sharing ours. We have so many out of town friends and family who we do not get to talk to as much as we would like and there is a lot going on that we would love to share.

Now I am not making any promises about how often I will add new posts, but I will try to be consistent.

Welcome to The Lee Family Blog!