Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Magic Kingdom was Magical!

We took Ella to Disney World a couple of weeks ago. It was amazing! She absolutely loved every minute of it! Here are some highlight pictures of the trip.

This is a picture of Ella when she has just seen Cinderella's castle.

When we walked in Daisy Duck was right there. Ella just could not believe that she was going to get to meet Daisy.

Ella loved the teacups! She rode them 4 times. I did not know if Ella would like the rides, but she loved them all! Even the rollercoaster!

Alice rode the teacups with us (not in our teacup, but on our ride). So right when we got off Ella ran up to give Alice a big hug!

Ella driving the race cars

Oh the Princesses! Just like every little girl, Ella was in awe of the princesses!

This picture captures just a little bit of the awe Ella had when she first saw Mickey and Minnie Mouse. We thought Ella would be most excited about meeting the fairies and princesses, but it was Mickey!

At story time with Belle, Murray was chosen to be the Beast. He did great!

I wish this picture was a video. Ella is yelling at the top of her lungs during the light parade, "Hey Mickey, Hey Mickey, It's me Ella." It just made your heart melt!

Day 2: We went straight to the fairies. The first day we went 10 minutes after they "arrived" and the wait was 90 minutes! We did not make that mistake again.

By the second day, after seeing a few parades, Ella knew what was coming. She was so excited, dancing in the street with all the kids to the band preview.

It is never smart to try to get the picture in front of Cinderella's castle at the end of the trip. Ella was so wired, there was no way she was going to stand still. But we have something:)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We are Still Here!

After being quiet for so long, I figured I better enter back into the blogging world with exciting details of our life.
The most exciting news is...
We are having Baby #3!!!!!
I am pregnant and due January 5!

So, that is my big excuse for not updating in awhile. I think that I have taken a nap everyday since I found out I was pregnant with the exception of maybe two days. My goal everyday is to make it to naptime!
Here are some pictures of what has been going on with The Lee's.

Miss Pattycake came to Birmingham! Ella loves, loves, loves Miss Pattycake. It was just a dream that she got to meet her!

Ella's last day of school.

Ella's last day of gymnastics

We have been to the lake several times already and so far it has been sunny about 2 hours while we have been there. But that has not stopped the fun!

Ella and Miller were invited to a "Super Hero's" birthday party. We have not really gotten into that at our house yet so Ella and Miller got new capes! Miller got Superman and Ella got SuperPrincess. (of course Ella would not let me take a picture from the front, but it was too cute. Just imagine...her pink cape, pink tutu bathing suit, princess crown headband, pink dress-up shoes and goggles! She was a sight!)