Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
from our Irish Dancer
Bumblebee Transformer
and Princess Ballerina!
I don't think the kids have ever been so so excited about Halloween.
 Probably had something to do with all the candy and cupcakes they had at 
school Halloween parties before Trick-or-Treating.
 I barely survived the hours between 3 and 5.
 But in the end, we all had a great time!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Save The Date...

If you live in Birmingham...

The date to save is the Friday, Nov 2.

I have been keeping one more secret that has been in the works since September.  It has been killing me not to share what has been keeping me busy over the last couple of months, but I wanted to wait until everything was "ready to share."
I have made reusable sandwich bags
and snack bags that I will be selling!!!
I have been thinking about making these for over a year.  The thought began when I started packing Ella lunch every day.  Plowing through the plastic bags day after day got the wheels turning in my head and an idea began to brew.  
It brewed for awhile, and then this summer I actually started looking into/researching making my idea a reality.    I wanted to make a bag that was leak proof, water proof, kept food fresh and contained no harmful products.
This idea was brewing the same time as I made the URLvd tags.  I love (and Ella and Miller love when I do it) to pack notes in Ella and Miller's lunch.  Growing up my mom would often put special notes in my lunch with a mint or piece of candy just to let me know she loved me and was thinking about me during the day.
What better way to let Ella and Miller know I love them then to put it right there on the bag!
The bags have been a huge hit with the kids!  They love them!!!
Almost as much as the cookies I surprised them with for being such good sports and letting me take their pictures!!!
The best thing about these bags (besides how many plastic bags you are saving, while using a product that is not harmful for your kids) is they are very easy to clean!

Flip inside out and wash with soap.
And then let air dry.

 I have also made stacks and stack of hair elastics.
These hair elastics are wildly crazy (at least here in Birmingham), but there is nothing as special as being reminded all the time that URLvd!!!  Ella, Sara Wells and Miller love to wear their URLvd bracelets!!!

So, this Friday, Friday November 2, YOU (if you live in Birmingham) can have the first pick.
 I will have a booth at the Covenant Mother's Day Out Holiday Bazaar.
Come and browse first hand the URLvd Sandwich and Snack Bags!

Covenant Mother's Day Out Holiday Bazaar

Covenant Presbyterian Church
65 Old Montgomery Highway
Birmingham, Al 35209


But don't worry if you do not live in the Birmingham area!!!  I hope to have the bags and hair elastics available here within the next week or two!

The bags are made polyurethane coated nylon (with the coating turned away from the food).  This process keeps the food fresh, makes the bag waterproof and leak proof and while keeping and harmful products away from your child's food!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Murray

We learned one thing about our kids today,
we have to be careful what traditions we start with the kids.
 Today we celebrated Murray's 33rd Birthday at Chuck-e-Cheese
 for the second year in a row.
 There is no going back now,
 Murray's birthday tradition is now set.
 For the foreseeable future, you will be able to find us at 
Chuck-E-Cheese at noon every October 24th.  
 After lunch the kids got busy right away picking out and wrapping Murray's birthday present.
 And then making Daddy's favorite dessert for his birthday dinner.
 The best part of making cookies... eating the cookie dough!
The minute Murray walked in the door, the kids were ready to give their present!

Can you tell who was the ring-leader in picking out the presents for Daddy?
 For his birthday dinner, Murray chose Pioneer Woman's Dr. Pepper Spicy Shredded Pork.
 If you have never made this, it is a must!!!
It is truly the best bar-b-que!
And you will be amazed how simple it is.

My only suggestion is to strain out the peppers.  Pioneer Woman's family, kids especially, must like spicy, spicy food.  The Lee kids do not do spicy!  After I have shredded the pork and pulled aside the kids' portion, I add a little bit of the sauce back to the pork.  
 I also use Coke instead of Dr. Pepper.
Just look at how tender the pork is!
 My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures.
 Ok, back to Murray's birthday...
Murray's choice for birthday dessert,
barely done Chocolate Chip Cookies served on top of Moose Tracks ice cream

 Happy Birthday Murray!!!

We Love You!