Monday, October 15, 2012

The Bats Are Back in Town

If you remember this post from last year, we had some bats visit our house last year in the month of October.  I know this is so ba-hum-bug, but I was really hoping to make it through holiday season without decorating (except Christmas, of course, but still hoping to be minimal).  Terrible, I know, but I just did not feel like I had it in me.  
I don't know what I was thinking, there is absolutely now way The Lee Kids (especially Miller) are going to let a holiday go by without decorations!!!
Every store we have gone into for the last month and a half, Miller begs and begs to go see the Halloween decorations.  Somehow I have stood strong against all of his begging and pleading and have not bought any decorations from the store.  But when Miller started begging for the "bats we had last year," I just could not say no.
He cracked me.  How could I not put up decorations for this sweet little boy???
Last year as I took the bats down, I thought, "I wonder if I should keep these bats?"  Of course I did not.  Yesterday afternoon, after tracing and cutting, tracing and cutting, tracing and cutting...I was really wishing I had saved the bats from last year!  At least I did have a little help this year.

This year, our bats are a little different.  They are happy bats (Miller drew a happy face on every bat!).
And colorful bats.
Some are even escaping into the dining room...

Miller even put a bat on the door from the garage into our kitchen to prepare any visitors for the bats that have taken up residence in our kitchen.
Never one to miss an opportunity to be silly, Ella loved posing with the Happy Bats!

All The Lee Kids were thrilled to FINALLY have some decorations up!

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