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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Warning:  This post is a picture dump from my phone.  I have been so bad about keeping my camera with me, thank goodness for iPhones!

Since Ella started 1st grade, I feel like our life has really changed.  I had heard it would happen once she started real school and I thought I was prepared, but I feel like we are just finally getting used to it and this new change of pace is finally starting to feel a little normal.
 Sara Wells's first play date with "her" friend with no other siblings around!
Oh, the life of the third child.

The biggest difference is we are always busy.  I think I have doubled my gas consumption!  One of the reason it feels so busy is we have no nappers anymore.  I really do like not being tied to naps, so I feel like it is a good thing to not have naps.  However, there is no down time for Mommy!
Miller's favorite toy for the past 2 months, a moving box/fort/spaceship/...

But also, when Ella does not get home until 3 and then we have to get homework done before soccer or dance or anything else that is going on, we have to be very intentional about our time.
Chuck-E-Cheese with Sara Wells and Miller.
If you go right when it opens there is no one there and you have to place 
(and all the games) to yourself!

For the first month (ok, two months) I was very tired!  My goal was to make it to the kids' bedtime.  There were many days I did not achieve my goal.
We have had a few colds at the Lee House in the past month 
which has led to a new obsession with Miller.  

But I finally feel like we have a new normal.  And it is a good new normal.  We are definitely more structured with our day and try to be intentional with our time.

And even though Ella is with us a lot less during the day, I feel like I am having much more meaningful conversations with her and she has gotten so much closer with Miller and Sara Wells.
Mommy and kid dinner out while Daddy is out of town.  
Miller and SW had pj day at school, so yes, they are out to eat in the pj's.
My favorite part is Sara Wells's rockin' headband!

I am not very good with change.  I get into my routine and I like it.  I had even said I would keep Ella home with me if I did not have to teach her.
IJump to pass a rainy Sunday afternoon.
And yes, I did IJump and Chuck-E-Cheese within the same month.  
I must deserve a reward for that!

But change is a good thing.  Starting 1st grade has definitely brought a new level of intensity and busyness to the Lee House. 
Miller's field trip to Ruffner Mountain

And it has also brought a new level of intentionality to the Lee House with the realization of how fast these years really do go by.

Family Movie Night at Ella's school, which turned into girl's night.
Murray took Miller on his first camping trip!

Thank goodness it is not up to me to determine the plan for our family!  As sad as I was to leave our old way of doing things behind and send Ella off to "big school,"  God knew exactly what was right for our family.
Sara Wells has discovered a new way to play soccer

And how often do I hold on tight to my way until the very end, only letting God because God has (gently and lovingly) pried open my tight grip on my way of doing things?  And then, of course, when I get to the other side, it is so easy to see how much better God's plan is for me than my own idea of how things should go!
Still playing with the box

If you have every studied, or read through, the book of Deuteronomy, it is a little bit wearisome to keep reading over and over about the Israelites being told to remember.  Until you realize just how important it is to remember!  Remembering is active!  As sad as it is I often go back to my old way of thinking and think that I know what is best for my life.  But I must actively remember that God's way is the very best way for my life!  He has the perfect plan for me.  I just need to let go of my way and trust in God's way!

An Old Fire Truck and Doodles make the PERFECT birthday party!

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