I am a wife, a mom of three, a daughter, a friend and a child of God...Welcome to our everyday life!

I started this blog after our son was born for a couple of reasons.  One, so that out of town family and friends could watch our kids grow day by day.  It was primarily as a way to scrapbook our life in a way that the kids will be able to look back and see our days together: the highs and the lows.  This is just a peek at our life.  Not the whole picture!  There are lots and lots of moments in our days that when I reflect after the kids are cozily tucked away in their beds, I wish I could erase.  But thank goodness God's mercies are new every morning!    We do have lots of fun together as a family and I try my hardest to do things with and for the kids that are special and let them know without a shadow of a doubt that they are loved....  At this blog you will find a mom who loves and is loved by the Lord, trying her hardest to reflect that love to her family!  

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