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Sunday, April 7, 2013


It is hard to believe that this little munchkin 
 Ella at her Two Year old birthday part
turned 7 years old this weekend!
And oh what a Birthday Weekend it was!
We started the birthday celebration Thursday morning with chocolate chip muffins.
Then Ella had to go to school:(  But that did not stop the birthday celebration.  Murray lead the entire school cafeteria in singing Happy Birthday to Ella.  I don't think the cafeteria will ever be the same.

Miller and Sara Wells were thrilled to have Ella back home for the rest of her birthday celebration.
Her smile here says it all!
 The Irish Dancing doll dress was just the icing on the cake.
 But the weekend was not all about Birthday celebrations.
 Sara Wells had her Spring Performance Friday morning.
This performance were not there just to cheer on one of the Lee Kids,
we had cousins to cheer for too!
 After the Little Love Bugs performance, we all headed back to Ella's school for the talent show.
Ella had the whole audience clapping along with her as she danced.  I could not believe she got up on that stage by herself and danced in front of all her friends.  But I don't think she ever even got nervous! Look at that cute little dancer on that big, big stage!  Ella felt right at home performing for an audience!
 After two soccer games, it was finally time for the much anticipated Tie Dye Birthday Party
 We could not have asked for a more perfect day to be outside tie dying t-shirts.
Everyone had a blast.
And surprisingly, there was very little chaos and very little mess!
Sara Wells was not about to be left out of the tie-dye action.
Nor was Daddy!

 What would a tie-dye birthday party be without a tie-dye birthday cake!
Of course Ella (and all the girls) thought the cake was the coolest thing ever!  Which made me so happy to see her so happy!  (fyi, this cake is very easy to make!)
Oh our sweet 7 year old!  My how the time has flown.  Ella you make all of our days brighter!

 Happy Birthday my love!


  1. Kim....what fun! You did a great job on all of your tie-dye! Looks like everyone had a are a great Mom! You go girl.......

  2. Ditto to what my mom said!!;) You are such a fun mom! Happy Birthday, Ella!