Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lunch with Santa

Last Sunday Murray's parents took us to have lunch with Santa. I definitely think this is a new tradition that we will have. It was way better than waiting in line at the mall and being rushed through! We got to watch Santa the entire time we eat and got to sit on his lap twice!

The kids were thrilled about seeing Santa on our drive over. Miller however, was not so thrilled to sit on Santa's lap. The photographer tried her hardest to get Miller to smile, but these were the two that they had for us to choose from...

So, of course I chose number one! How could you pass up a picture like that?

The Candy Cane from Santa did help dry the tears, as well as the cupcakes.

As I said, the kids did get to see Santa twice. Miller opted to eat the candy canes off the floor while Ella told Santa what she wanted for Christmas.

We saw our good friends Knox and Ann Tatum.

On the way home I looked back at Miller and he just sat there looking at me like he was done. Luckily my camera was right there and I was able to get a quick shot. I am glad it was Sunday and not much traffic because I only made a few people wait at the green light while I got the picture.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Crafty Christmas

Celebrating Christmas!

Christmas celebration has come to the Lee household! Ella has been running around saying "we are celebrating!!!" Usually we go and get our tree and get all our decorating done in one day. Now with two little ones running around we split the decorating up into two nights. As we do every year, we started off our Christmas decorating with egg nog and Willie Nelson Christmas.

Side note: this is one of the best smiles I have ever gotten from Miller!

Miller loved the egg nog!


Day 2, the Christmas Tree

Miller did not make it to the end, but Ella stayed up to put the final ornament on the tree at 9:40! She loved every minute of it. You would have thought each ornament she pulled out of the box was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.