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Sunday, March 30, 2008

1st Tea Party

Ella's Aunt Becky gave Ella her 1st tea set for her birthday (we opened it a little early because Ella wanted to open presents when Mommy was opening presents). Ella loved it!!! She knew what to do right away and included Miller in her first Tea Party. It was sooo cute!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Because Miller rarely gets a picture on his own and blogs about him usually always include Ella, here is one dedicated to just Miller. These are Easter redo pictures. His pictures from Easter did not turn out so good with Ella grabbing at him. But these pictures are sooo cute! They capture his sweet little personality!

Making Progress

Definite progress is being made on the basement! So far we are still on schedule to be finished May 1!

New ceiling in staircase (sideways)

Playroom looking into bedroom

New french door

Murray in his study

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Week

What a week we had! We started the week out in Knoxville staying at Granna's. Granddaddy spent every night with us and one entire day. Ella had a blast! Unfortunately I lost almost half of my pictures from the week, so there are no pictures with Granddaddy.

Granna and Miller

Ella making muffins with just a little help from Granna

We came home on Thursday and Parker and Jacqueline arrived that night. Ella loved playing with her cousin! She woke up from her nap saying "See Parker!"
Ella and Parker playing on the slide.

Parker, Miller and Ella

My sister, Aunt Suzanne, and her grandmother came in town Saturday with lots of goodies for Parker, Ella and Miller. I got so many great pictures of Suzanne with Miller, Ella and Parker and they are gone:( But we had a great time enjoying the beautiful weather on Saturday.

Easter was very special for us this year! It was Cahaba Park's first Easter service! I think it is a service that Murray and I will always remember. Easter morning when Murray and I got Ella up, we asked her where Jesus lives. Ella said "In my heart. Jesus is risen!" It just melted our hearts!

Easter pictures

We had Easter lunch at our house and an Easter Egg Hunt even though it was FREEZING. The cold did not seem to phase the kids. All the adults were very thankful for Parker who found the eggs very quickly and sped up the hunt.

Ella playing with Ann Tatum.

The kids table (this is what really made us feel like our parents, especially when we all gathered around and sang the prayer). Grace, Parker, Knox and Ella.

Knox "on the hunt"


Grace was most interested in the candy inside the eggs.

Parker teaching Ella how the pros hunt eggs.

Grace and Ella

Miller getting his final goodbye loving from Aunt Jacqueline

New Tooth

Yesterday was a big day for us. Ella had her tooth smoothed out!



Not quite as sharp, but definitely still noticable.

At the denist the parents do not go back with the kids. Ms Ruthie Toothie told me that Ella did great during her entire check up. She said that the entire time Ella was having her teeth cleaned Ella was just telling story after story. It was only when they pulled out the grinder that tears were shed.

Here is a random picture. Ella loves looking in the mirror and talking to herself. Yesterday I caught a picture of Ella talking to herself. So cute!

Monday, March 24, 2008

12 Weeks, 12 Hours

Miller is 12 weeks old today!!! It is hard to believe it has gone that fast. And to celebrate his 12 week birthday, Miller slept 12 hours last night!!! Wahoo!!! Since he is 17 pounds!! we knew that he was ready and the last few nights he has barely been eating at 10:30. Last night I was so exhausted from all of our festivities (more to come on that later) that I thought it would be a great night to try. Way to go little Miller. This is a big day!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Basement Renovations

When we moved into our house two years ago, a huge bonus/selling point was the huge unfinished basement. Not really knowing what all it entailed we thought how easy it would be to finish the basement down the road. It did not take long with Ella to realize how nice it would be to have the basement finished to have a place for her to play. Then when Miller arrived and we lost our guest room we quickly saw the necessity of having an extra bedroom downstairs! So, we are finishing our basement!!!! However, after talking with several builders, Murray realized it was going to be a little more involved than we thought. He had originally thought that he would do it with the help of his dad, my dad and some friends. But now that construction has started, we are soooo thankful that Murray is not doing the work. It would have taken years! We are just thrilled and cannot wait to have the extra space. These pictures are actually after the first day that the work was started. Construction began mid Feb and is supposed to be finished May 1! Stay tuned for progress pictures.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sweet 16

No, Miller is not 16 weeks old yet. Time has not gone by that fast. Miller is 10 weeks old today. I weighed Miller last night and he weighs 16 lbs!!!!! I cannot believe it. I looked it up and he is way off the charts! Now, the weighing was not exactly accurate. I weighed myself and then weighed myself holding him. But that means he is somewhere between 15.5 and 16 lbs. We weighed him last week and he was 14 lbs, that is 2 lbs in one week! I think it is safe to say that he is now a very healthy baby!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Tag, You're It!

So, I've been tagged. What I have been told that means is that I am supposed to share 10 random facts about myself. Anyone who has ever sent me one of those emails that you fill in the random info on yourself, knows I have never returned one. It is not because I do not like reading them, it is usually because I do not take the time to sit down and think about my own answers. I seriously thought about not doing this, but then thought it might be fun. So, here it goes...

1. I love the show The Hills and also Newport Harbor, but really The Hills! I never imagined that in my late twenties I would still be watching MTV, but I love LC, Whitney, Audrina and Heidi. I feel like they are a part of my life.

2. Deep down inside I would love to be a real estate agent. I love looking at houses and helping people find houses. For some reason I just have this weird obsession about knowing everything about all the houses that are listed. Who knows maybe one day I will do it. I just don't like the idea of being "on call" all the time. If it were not for that I would definitely do it!

3. My wonderful friend Whitney now lives in Boston and works at Barney's. For my birthday she gave me a great goody bag filled with all kinds of fun treats. One of the things in there was the 24k Eyelash Curler. Supposedly they are the thing to have! I was so excited to get it, but I am not quite sure how to use it! I feel like I am playing dress up every time I uses it. I remember one time i got my eyes done and they were horrified that I did not use an eyelash curler!

4. I am a little, ok a lot, anal about how you open a cereal box. I never really noticed this until I got married and it drove me crazy when Murray would open the ceral box haphazardly. I really like for both sides of the top to be opened with out any rips or tears and then I like the plastice bag to be opened across the top without any rips down the sides. Now this makes perfect sense because if the bag rips then any time you pour the cereal, cereal spills down into the box. And if the top of the box rips then you cannot close the box properly and the cereal may go stale. However, my husband thinks this is a little anal but is gracious enough to try to do this when he opens the cereal (really I feel this way about any products in boxes with bags inside).

5. If we did not have family and close friends here, I would live in Italy! There are probably several countries in Europe that I would love to live, but Italy is just awesome! The lifestyle is super laid back, the villages and the countryside are so beautiful, the food is unbelievable and the weather is great! What is not to love?

6. Last year we went to Italy with Murray's parents. It was an unbelievable trip! We took Ella with us which was an adventure within itself! The most difficult part was the flight! As suggested by our doctor we gave Ella Benadryl to help her sleep. Well, it turns out Ella is one of the few that Benadryl has the opposite effect on and she was awake the entire flight which meant so was I. So, when we landed in Rome I was exhausted. Murray's parents had arrived a few days earlier and met us at the airport with the van. The plan was to drive around Rome and see the sites the first day from the car before heading off to our destination in Umbria. I FELL ASLEEP! Who falls asleep in Rome! But I sure did!

7. My senior year at Samford I studied for a semester in England. One weekend we took the trian to the Costwolds and rented bikes. I have never been a fan of riding bikes on the road with cars! It has always freaked me out!!!! But I tried to over come my fear on this trip. I did great the entire weekend until we were about a mile from where we returned the bikes. I ran into a parked car! Not only did I hit a parked car, I hit a parked car in front of a laundry mat where everyone was watching me!!! Luckily I did no damage to the car and Murray was able to repair my bike. But that was one of my most embarrassing moments!

8. As already mentioned, I am not a huge fan of riding bikes on the road and #7 even intensified that fear. Yet somehow my husband helped me overcome that fear and convinced me to do triathlons. After I had gotten somewhat comfortable on the bike, Murray convinced me that I should try to ride with bike clips (that is where your shoes are clipped into the pedals. this really does make riding easier, but your feet are clipped into the pedals). We were riding through town and I was not super confident of getting out of the clips. We came to a stop sign and there was a cop there. Usually I would not have come to a complete stop so I would not have to take my feet out of the clips but the cop was there so I had to stop. As I stopped, I realized that i was not going to get my feet out of the clips. I fell completely over on my bike right next to the cop with both feet still clipped into the pedals.

9. Murray and my first kiss was on Embankment Bridge in London with Big Ben and Parliment to our left and St. Paul's Cathdral to our right. It was one of the most romantic moments in my life!

10. On our honeymoon, we saw Hulk Hogan. He was staying at our hotel with his family. He is truly the biggest person I have ever seen. He was just huge!!!! Terry was inside the Rolex store buying a Rolex for Brooke. They had the store closed down for him. The entire store front was glass so there was a huge crowd gathered outside the store watching and taking pictures. At that moment I actuaaly felt kind of sorry for him, it was like they were living in a fish bowl.

Now I am tagging
1. Kitty : I know Kitty will come up with some very interesting/funny stories. We always love random stories including anything about Russellville.
2. Carey: Because I know she is bored and searching for things to do! Ha! Actually I am just trying to keep the Baker Blog going.
3. Stacey: You always have a funny story to tell or new band to introduce us to. You are, afterall, the one who introduced me to the blog "Stuff What People Like" Hilarious!
Have fun!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Real Men Wear Pink

The problem with having a boy after a girl is there is a lot of pink that gets passed down. Blue passes dowm much easier. But one of Murray's favorite sayings is "Real men wear pink." Good thing because Miller is definitely going to be sitting in a pink bumbo for the next several months.

Ok, so maybe he is not so happy about being in pink.

Over the past few days Miller has started to love Ella. I know from some of the previous pictures that is hard to believe but he just stares at her and smiles and smiles.