Monday, March 3, 2008

Real Men Wear Pink

The problem with having a boy after a girl is there is a lot of pink that gets passed down. Blue passes dowm much easier. But one of Murray's favorite sayings is "Real men wear pink." Good thing because Miller is definitely going to be sitting in a pink bumbo for the next several months.

Ok, so maybe he is not so happy about being in pink.

Over the past few days Miller has started to love Ella. I know from some of the previous pictures that is hard to believe but he just stares at her and smiles and smiles.


  1. Hey Kim! Glad you made the connection! I should have used my maiden name - I usually do....just to help people out! Tell Wellon hello for me! I LOVE the sweet pics of Miller and Ella! Oh, and my boy plays with dolls and strollers - of course he is talked into half the time by his older sis! Joys of kiddos!

  2. I love the "screaming in the bumbo" picture -- that's one for the rehearsal dinner!

  3. how is he old enough to be sitting in one of those things??? Charlie ADORES Lola...she is his #1 form of entertainment and I have a feeling Miller will feel the same way about Ella. So fun!!!