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Monday, May 26, 2008

Off to the Windy City

Murray, Miller and I are heading out early tomorrow morning for Chicago. We are going to visit Wellon and Stephen. Miller is going to get some good time with Aunt Wellon and Uncle Stephen since Ella will not be with us. Ella usually steals all the attention. But I am sure that will not last too long as Miller's little personality is getting bigger and bigger everyday! Ella is spending the week with PaPa, so I am sure we will have some fun stories about that!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Small Miracles!!!!!

I took my camera to the Wolf store today and they said they could try to recover the pictures, but they could not guarentee that they could get them. They said I could call in an hour and they would let me know the status. I called after 56 minutes and they said they were able to recover almost 200 pictures!!!!! Tomorrow I am going to go and see if they are the right ones. I do not really know how these things work if it could be really old pictures or the last ones I took. But, chances are looking pretty good that my pictures are not lost forever! I will keep you updated!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Write in Tears

So, obviously it has been a long time since I have posted. The reason is bc I really do not like to post without a pictures if it is about the kids. I have not been able to put the pictures on the computer bc my computer is full. For the record, I did get an external harddrive and tried to set it up, but it was one of the only ones not compatible with a mac (I was assured over and over again in the store that it was compatible). So I have been saving up pictures on my camera and we have had some major milestones. Miller turned four months, Ella's birthday party, our beach trip, Miller rolled over for the first time and I am sure I am forgetting other things. Last night Ella somehow had gotten the camera which I did not really think much about bc it looked like she had only turned the camera on. This morning I walked in the living room and Ella had gotten into my make up and had lipstick all over her face. Of course she got in trouble first bc we have gone over and over not getting in Mommy's purse. But then I thought it would be a cute picture and a cute blog. When I took the picture I realized the shutter speed was way wrong. Not really knowing much about my camera I tried to figure it out and somehow I erased all of my pictures!!!! I am very upset right now, but I guess there is not really anything to do about it (unless one of you is a cannon expert and knows how to recover lost pictures). I am just sick about it, this is the second time I have lost something very precious because of my stupid harddrive being full. Lesson: If you have a laptop and not a lot of storage, get an external harddrive way before you think you need one! You definitely do not want to be sitting in my position right now!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Back in the Swing of Things

Yes, we made it back from the beach and are still alive. I have barely had time to sit down and get on the computer. Sorry for no beach pictures yet, but they are to come. Along with Ella's birthday party pictures and 4 month pictures of Miller. I know it is so hard to believe he is 4 months old!!! He is growing so fast. We went to the doctor this week and his official weight is 17 lbs. This only puts him in the 90% for weight. The amazing thing is his length. He is 27 inches long which puts him in the 97%. We don't really know where he gets that from! But to me he still seems like a little baby. I thing with the second you just really cherish the baby baby time bc it goes so fast. This has been a big week for Miller. While we were at the beach Milller really grew found of his little blankets and started to reach out and grab on to his toys, but now he loves his toys! If they are laying next to him he will pick them up and hold them. He is also very close to rolling over. He defiitely turns to his side to watch Ella play. And yesterday Miller got his first two Honey Bees (graham crackers). Ella was eating them next to him and she had a very curious smile on her face. I stuck my finger in Miller's mouth and sure enough she had shared her crackers with Miller. She was so proud. I thanked her for sharing but we had a serious talk about Miller not being able to eat food. Evidently is was not serious enough because she shared again tiwht him about 5 minutes later. Thankfully Miller did not have a clue what they were and they were just sitting in his cheeks. She is a sweet big sister, but a mess! Oh our days are full of excitement!