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Friday, May 2, 2008

Back in the Swing of Things

Yes, we made it back from the beach and are still alive. I have barely had time to sit down and get on the computer. Sorry for no beach pictures yet, but they are to come. Along with Ella's birthday party pictures and 4 month pictures of Miller. I know it is so hard to believe he is 4 months old!!! He is growing so fast. We went to the doctor this week and his official weight is 17 lbs. This only puts him in the 90% for weight. The amazing thing is his length. He is 27 inches long which puts him in the 97%. We don't really know where he gets that from! But to me he still seems like a little baby. I thing with the second you just really cherish the baby baby time bc it goes so fast. This has been a big week for Miller. While we were at the beach Milller really grew found of his little blankets and started to reach out and grab on to his toys, but now he loves his toys! If they are laying next to him he will pick them up and hold them. He is also very close to rolling over. He defiitely turns to his side to watch Ella play. And yesterday Miller got his first two Honey Bees (graham crackers). Ella was eating them next to him and she had a very curious smile on her face. I stuck my finger in Miller's mouth and sure enough she had shared her crackers with Miller. She was so proud. I thanked her for sharing but we had a serious talk about Miller not being able to eat food. Evidently is was not serious enough because she shared again tiwht him about 5 minutes later. Thankfully Miller did not have a clue what they were and they were just sitting in his cheeks. She is a sweet big sister, but a mess! Oh our days are full of excitement!


  1. Miller and Thomas are on the same growing schedule! He was 17lbs and 27 1/4 inches at 4 months! He slowed down a bit and only gained 12oz and no length at 6 months, but i think he's picked back up again. These boys!

    I love that Ella wants to share with him. SA definitely shared raisins with TA one day. I thought I got them all out of his mouth, but we found one later. Thankfully, he didn't choke. :)

    I'm dying to see beach pictures!!!!!

  2. Ann Tatum is NOT on the same growth pattern. She weighed 17lb 12oz at 9 months. I am so proud of her though- I think she is almost 20lbs. OH and she had goldfish the day she came home from the hospital. I wonder if that is why she never like baby food??? just be prepared. OH, and I can testify- Miller is just too cute! He is the sweetest little thing, and Ann Tatum loves to eat all over him. Girls- your going to have to fight Ann Tatum for MOOSE!