Sunday, April 20, 2008

Adventures with 4

I know some of you are wondering how this week is going. I have not posted anything yet bc it is so crazy most of the time I don't even know what to write. Yesterday we actually had a very good day at the pool and had a smooth evening out. But this story gives you a good idea of what it has been like...

we had just gotten back from the pool which actually was not absolutely crazy and i had already gotten knox and ella out of the car. ella did not have pants on bc after i had gotten her dressed at the pool she almost got back in the pool and soaked her bottom and the bottom of her legs. so ella and knox were running around the driveway while i was getting miller out of the car. knox told me he had to go to the bathroom so he dropped his drawers and peed in the grass. the next thing i notice is ella's
little white bottom standing over the grass. she had taken her diaper off and was trying to pee in the grass like knox! it was sooo cute and hilarious!!!

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