Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gone to the Beach!!!

An entire week and no posts...I am so sorry. Part of my problem is I really don't like posting without pictures to post. And you all know the saga of my "full" computer. So I have not put many pictures or videos on the computer lately. But one of my goals today is to get an external harddrive so that I will have no more excuses! That goal may be a little lofty because tomorrow Ella, Miller and I are headed to the beach with Knox, Ann Tatum and Carey. Murray and Andrew are in Ukraine on a mission trip for 10 days, so Carey and I are headed to the beach! So, if there is another long stretch of no posting that is why. I believe we will have the internet there, but do not hold your breath for any cute pictures of Ella and Knox or Ann Tatum and Miller because Carey and I are both taking our sewing machines and are going to be busy little mamas sewing away! I have sooo many projects lined up to complete. My goal is to finish them all! But I am not going to be dissappointed if I don't, bc realistically it probably will not happen unless I start sewing as fast as Christian. Hopefully I will have some Fierce pictures to post of all of our sewing accomplishments!