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Friday, April 18, 2008

Finally Here

Oh where to start? The trip was not nearly as bad as it could have been with 4 kids ages 3, 2, 11 months and 3 months! The 8 hour trip only took us 9 hours. Which is much better than I expected. We made it all the way to Taledega (45 minutes) before our first stop! The problem with potty trained children (Knox, not Ella) is you have to stop and let them go to the bathroom. After our first stop Knox got a pull-up! Our main driving goal yesterday was to make it through Atlanta before rush hour traffic. We had about 30 minutes where Ann Tatum and Miller were very unhappy, but we made it through Atlanta, just barely! We stopped at the McDonald’s playground where Knox, Ella and Ann Tatum had a blast while Miller ate. The first “situation” that happened was Miller pooped everywhere and I did not pack him extra clothes in the diaper bag and there was no way I could get to the suit case! Luckily Carey was a little more prepared than me and Miller wore Knox’s pj’s. After getting 4 kids back in the car, we kept on truckin’. Miller and Ann Tatum just could not seem to fall asleep. Poor Ann Tatum was working on her first two teeth and was in so much pain. Miller stayed awake so long that he wanted to eat again. Fortunately, I did pack formula and fed Miller a bottle. I think we actually made a 4 hour stretch without stopping. Toward the end of the 4 hours the “big kids” started getting delirious from not sleeping and starving. Ella was crying in the back “eat lunch” “cacker barrel.” Thinking we would never get there, we rolled into the Cracker Barrel! Everyone in the restaurant was so great to us because they felt so sorry for us. The kids were delirious, hungry and super hyper! That is one way to get your food fast. When we got back in the car I knew I had eaten bc my plate was empty, but I could not remember eating. We all got back in the car again and finally made it! We are crazy! But it was all worth it now. The weather is beautiful and breezy. We are unpacked and as settled as can be and have even made it to the park today with chicken nuggets of course! Hopefully we will make it to the beach one day. If not, at least you can see the ocean from the park!


  1. oh my! it sounds like you guys had quite an adventure!! :) i'm a little jealous that you are at the beach. i tried to call you the other day..i have a sewing question.

    i hope you all have beautiful weather and can actually enjoy it!!