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Friday, February 29, 2008

Finally an Update! A Very Long Update!

Finally, I have gotten caught up! I freed up enough space on my computer to add our new pictures. The problem was not the pictures from our new camera, it is all the video clips we have on the computer! I did think about just starting from today and continuing the blog. But I decided to catch everyone up on this past, almost pictureless, month. Because Blogger is so stinking slow, this took almost two days! Definitely a labor of love. Enjoy!

Miller at one month old. I don't think this picture really looks like him, but it is so cute!

Ella loves for me to Miller in the bed with her when I get her up from her nap. Most of the time she is pretty loving toward him, but sometimes she just does not understand how little he is and how big she is. In these pictures you can see Ella getting closer and closer and then she lays on top of him! Miller is going to be tough!

Everyone who has seen Miller awake says the same thing, "it is amazing how much he looks like Murray!" Well here is a picture to prove it! Miller is a little Minnie Me.

Miller had his six weeks pictures made. They were all sooooo good!!! I still have not narrowed down the ones I am going to get, but this is one of my favorites!

Step Sing weekend:

Mrs. Annette reading to the children

All the girls

Miller had his first real smiles 2/16 (almost seven weeks old). When he smiles his entire face lights up!

When Miller came home freom the hospital, he "gave" Ella a baby doll stroller. We were given wonderful advice that it really helped the older sibling adjust when the baby gave a great gift. Ella loves her baby stroller and always wants to put Miller in it. Now that he is a little more sturdy, I thought it would be a great picture. Miller is going to kill me for this later! But in the progression of the pictures you can see what we deal with all day long. Things start off good and then Ella goes in for the strike. This picture, the "strike" happens to be grabbing Miller's face. This is something we are really working on. The two things that Ella really struggles with are face grabbing (see last picture) and kiss biting This is where she goes in to kiss Miller and opens her mouth and presses her teeth on Miller's (or any baby, sooo sorry Ann Tatum) head or face. You might think, oh she is just trying to kiss her little brother. But, it is not innocent at all! She knows what she is doing is very wrong!

These two pictures are hilarious if you look closely. Every morning Ella puts on her makeup while Mommy puts on her makeup. So, now she loves makeup. Granna gave Ella a stickerbook for Valentine's Day which has provided much entertainment. One of the stories was about getting ready and had makeup stickers to go along with the story. So instead of putting the makeup stickers in the book, Ella put the makeup on her face.

Anytime Murray or I am holding Miller, Ella runs up saying "two babies, two babies." Ella loves for us to hold both of our babies!


  1. i love all of these pictures and stories! sarah ann loves to grab thomas' face too! what is it about baby faces??? your kids are so adorable!!!

  2. oh my word!!!!
    there is just not enough space for me to write everything. what a fun and precious family.....i am without words. hilarious.

  3. i have tears in my eyes from laughing!! I love the pictures of "the strike"...I have witnessed it and I was afraid too. But Ella is just so adorable!!!