Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Pick

Murray and I are very big American Idol fans! From the beginning we have both loved David Archuleta, but after last night we were blown away! I think that something huge will have to happen for him not to win. I am saying this before seeing the girls tonight, but I just don't think there is a girl who has a fraction of his talent. And I do love Michael Johns, he is very cool, but David is just awesome! In case you missed last night, here is his performance.


  1. I totally agree!! David's voice is amazing!!

  2. I second that! I have loved him since the auditions! That was the greatest version of that song! I like Michael Johns too but I think David could win it all!

  3. I would buy his CD. He could sing song like john legend who I love!
    Not impressed with the girls last night.
    Brooke- who annoys me had the best performance.

  4. i do love little david a. he had his big start on star search a few years one point singing against fellow idol contestant alexandrea lushington. he won the grand prize. here is the video