Saturday, February 23, 2008

Adding Some More Variety

We can all thank Wellon Bridgers (Murray's sister) for this easy, scrumptious new side dish to add to our repitoire. After my post of the Acorn Squash, Wellon told me about Sauteed Fennel. I had never cooked or had fennel before and I was a little afraid. But no need to worry... it is very good and very different. Murray and I came to the conclusion that it kind of tastes like fried ocra. When you are looking for fennel at the grocery store, it kind of looks like an onion but has long green sprouts on top. You will probably want one fennel per person.

To prepare: Cut the top off and cut the core off of the bottom of the bulb. Quarter the bulb. We used an iron skillet to sautee, but you could use any sautee pan. Cover the bottom of the skillet with olive oil and heat on low/medium low. Let pan warm up before adding fennel. Add fennel, salt and pepper. Cover and cook for about 15 to 20 just depending on how much you like your vegetables cooked. Stirr occasionally so it does not burn. Then it is ready to serve. Yummy and easy!!!

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