Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

I hope you had a blessed Easter weekend.

Our weekend was filled with family and fun!  
Last minute Easter Egg dying.
Which the kids did not notice was last minute.
They were just excited to have colorful eggs for their baskets.
(I bought this really cool marbling Easter Egg dye that I knew the kids would love, probably Wednesday or Thursday, and could not find it, or the candy for the Easter Egg Hunt.  Thank goodness I bought an extra dye kit last year and then actually hung onto it!)
At the last minute I finished the Easter dresses.  (Ironed Easter morning)
When I decided to make these dresses I promised myself I would not still be sewing up to the last minute.  But one thing after another kept happening and it kept taking longer and longer than I ever expected.
But I did finish just in time for Easter!  And the girls loved their dresses.
I let Ella pick out the pattern and the color.  Her favorite part of the dress is the split sleeves.
Easter Sunday was perhaps my favorite Sunday at Cahaba Park.  The glory of the Risen Lord was proclaimed throughout the entire service.  What a glorious Lord we serve!  Christ is Risen!
Once the kids were out of their new Easter clothes, the Easter egg hunt began.
Each egg was closely inspected because over half the eggs did not have candy.  I have looked and looked and just cannot find where I hid the Easter candy!
 True colors came out.  The desire to have the most eggs in their basket regardless of what was inside the egg, drove the Lee kids to run from one hiding spot to the next.
A great time was had by all!

Happy Easter


  1. I am so proud of your dresses! They are beautiful...and I saw the beautiful bar pin on the back.....gorgeous.

  2. Kim, what an amazing service it was! I could not hold it together.