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Sunday, October 7, 2012


Now that school has started back, I try to get most of my errands done when I only have one child with me.  But somehow it seems that we still end up at the grocery store or popping into to several stores with both Miller and Sara Wells and sometimes even Ella!  The number one comment I get in the check out line is, (with a smile and a little bit of a laugh) "those kids must really keep you busy."  Sometimes it is followed by, "I remember those day" or some other comment of nostalgia.  The smile and laugh is usually because they have heard us in the store the whole time they were shopping or passed several times up and down the aisles.  
While I think I probably get grey hairs and more wrinkles every time I go to the grocery store, my response is usually, "Yes, our life is very full!"  They are crazy, but they are fun (most of the time, when I have the right perspective).  One day I might actually miss they crazy grocery store (Target, fabric store, you fill in the blank...) days.

A few things that have been keeping us busy these past few weeks:

Ella down on the track with 150 - 200 elementary school girls waiting to cheer at the high school football game.
Taking a 2 and 4 year old to a football game that does not start until 7:00 p.m. is always a gamble.  Miller started to melt down when we told him, "no snacks." (This was just a few days after the Alabama Football game and we were still in shock by all that they had suckered us into buying.  Looking back, the night would have gone much better if we just would have bought everyone a Sprite or special treat.  Oh well...)
The "no snack" policy did not seem to bother Sara Wells, she just made friends with the guys sitting behind us and convinced them to give her some of their popcorn.
Ella is in the middle on the second row.

Lessons in making homemade orrechiette pasta
Store bought pasta does not even compare to the real stuff!

And we are full swing back in soccer!

Is life busy?  


Is life with the Lee Kids crazy?


But we try our hardest (failing often) to keep the right perspective and enjoy it all.

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