Thursday, October 18, 2012


Man oh man, today was one of those days!  I felt like the whole day was just out of focus.  Someone just needed to adjust our lens and get us all back in focus!

Today was the first time that I was really almost in tears in the check out line at the grocery store.  If you remember this post, we are always noticed at the grocery store.  But usually it is with a smile and comment of "remembering those days."  Not today.  Everyone who saw my fragile state knew better.  The three ladies standing in line behind us were silent, just hoping I would make it out of the grocery store without my moist eyes turning into crocodile tears.  
The sweet cashier checked us out as quickly as possible without saying a word while one child was screaming her head off and the other two were doing their very best to drive the other crazy.
Sweet Daddy made a big effort to get home a little bit early to help get me out of the equation and try to  get everyone back in focus (including me!)
I definitely left him with a very challenging task, kids crazy, one on steroids, mom on the verge of breakdown, and the meat for dinner still frozen because I forgot to take it out of the freezer!
Regardless, Murray's idea of getting us all back in focus was working together in the kitchen!
What brings a family together better than food?
 Thank goodness I just happened to have on hand the ingredients for one of my favorite things that Murray makes.  Isn't it amazing how food can just speak to your soul!  It is a little embarrassing how quickly food can change my attitude.
But how can you remain upset, or fragile, with something that is this good?  Anything with this much butter and cream is a guarantee to soothe your soul!  We sure don't eat this every day, or every week or every month (ok, maybe once twice a month), but when we do, oh it is so GOOD!
 Thank You Daddy for saving us all tonight!

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