Saturday, June 12, 2010

Update on Miller

Well, I will say we have not had total success, but I am not giving up yet. Yesterday after my post about only one accident, I found Miller in the shower upstairs with a nice brown surprise one the bedroom floor. Don't worry the floor was hardwood and very easy to clean. We had a very impromptu trip to the lake, which kind of threw off the potty training boot camp, especially since Miller was in the water all day. But Miller still had a lot of successes with just a few accidents. Tomorrow is sort of a wash because I am not about to make the nursery staff at church deal with a potty training little boy. He will be absolutely thrilled to get to wear a diaper! He has been begging us for the past two days for his "bi-per." That may be a sign that he is not quite ready, I don't know. Ella is going to be a VBS all next week, so I am going to give it one last try. If we are unsuccessful at the end of the week, then we will just try again later. I am going to the store tomorrow to get some Spiderman under-roos. Hopefully that will provide the motivation Miller needs.

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  1. You have my total and complete support!I remember that my most successful days were spent in the yard where we did not worry about getting any floor or carpet messed up.....and to little boys the world is their toilet anyway! Just keep the hose handy outside! I am so proud of Miller but REALLY proud of YOU!