Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Lunch

Chloe and Fitz made their debut to Cahaba Park Church today. Sadly, we were not there because Murray preached at Cross Creek Church. However, all the cousins got together for lunch at our house. The entire ride home Ella could barely contain herself because she was so excited about her new baby cousins coming to her house. Ella was right in her element with the babies!!! And Miller was as sweet as ever! Several times when we were not paying attention we looked up and saw Miller rocking either Chloe or Fitz in their car seat. And he definitely got a big kick out of holding Fitz. He is very excited to teach Fitz how to drive the golf cart and fish. This weekend at the lake will be very interesting (the first time with all the cousins) when Fitz does not catch on right away to all that Miller is trying to teach him.

Ella and Fitz

Miller and Fitz

Ella and Chloe

Yes this picture is very scary, but don't worry Wellon was right beside Ella you just cannot see her. And don't you know Ella was loving every second (there was probably only two or three) of it! This is a terrible picture I know, but it is the first, and so far only, picture of all the cousins. Hopefully this weekend we can get a better one.

The Lee Clan

(by the way, this is the best photo of Sara Wells on the blog, look at that smile! I think this is the first picture I have gotten of her smiling, and what a smile it is!!!!)

One of the sweetest things to watch lately is how much Ella and Miller love each other. Now they definitely have their moments! But are are each other's bests friends. The LOVE each other!!!

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  1. So so cute......cousins are great! You are so blessed to have them so close by.....