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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day (Week)

We had been planning on going to the lake for Memorial Day Weekend, but our weekend turned into almost a week vacation. And what a vacation it was! We have always had fun at the lake with the kids, but it has always been a little stressful. This is probably one of the first times we have been (since the kids were born) that I just totally relaxed. Miller and Ella are at such a great age and can just have fun without wandering off or walking in the middle of the street. They both loved the water and Ella absolutely loved the water! The first thing Ella asked in the morning when they woke up (5:45 a.m.) was when we could go swimming. Not only did Ella love the water, she loved every water related activity!!! If the rest of the summer is anything like this (long) weekend, it is going to be a great summer at the lake!

Ella rode the tube for the first time and absolutely loved it! We were not sure how she would like it, and actually a little afraid she might not like. But, boy were we wrong! At one point she had Murray going about as fast as I would want to go. She just kept yelling, "faster Daddy, faster!"

Miller's first tube ride did not work out so well. As we started off, the tube pulled us under water. As you can guess, Miller did not like that one bit! But, Miller did get right back on the tube and we rode around for about a minute. However, that will probably be the only minute he will ride this summer. I was just impressed that he wanted to ride the tube in the first place and so proud of him for riding after he was pulled under.

On her first day of tubing, Ella rode the tube by herself.

This is where Sara Wells was camped out during all of our water activities. A trouper as always!

Ella's best friend Lucy came over Friday afternoon and they tubed together.

You can see Ella yelling "Faster" in this picture. It doesn't look like Lucy wanted to go that much faster.

I love this picture because this is the fishing boat that I used to go fishing with my dad. My dad gave this boat to Murray a couple of years ago and I think this is Ella's first ride. It brought back so many memories of going out with my dad in it. I used to love sitting in the front of the boat bouncing over all the big waves.

I will keep this picture forever because I beat Murray at FuseBall! I can probably count on one hand (maybe two) the times I have actually beat Murray at something. So to beat him on our first game of the night in a sports related activity should go down in history!!!

Ella and Murray did not get to tube together until Memorial Day because of the weather. She was really tubing this time, the waves were huge because of all the other boats! But that did not slow her down at all.

Daddy showing off a little bit.

Miller made a new best friend with Grimly. Everything he did, he wanted Grimly right by his side. It was sooo sweet!

My favorite picture of the weekend. Miller is just so sweet, lovin' life in his super cool shades.


  1. Fun Kim! Nothing like growing up on a lake....the only reason I know how to water ski is because I learned when I was spending all of my summers on a lake when I was young. These are such great memories for your cute family! Will Jim and I see you or Murray in Nashville at GA this year? Hope so....I plan to camp out at the Children's Corner and check out some new smocking plates and cloth!

  2. oh, you are making me jealous. unfortunately i will not be at ga. murray will be there. the kids have swim lessons that week and it was the only place that i could get lessons for both ella and miller. hopefully i will be able to go next year. i don't think i have been in 3 years. maybe next year we can book one of the vacant conference rooms and set up a sewing retreat for ourselves:)

  3. What a FANTASTIC weekend and great pictures! We cannot WAIT to be down there with yall and see all of this in action! Can you just imagine the tubing that will be going on in 3 years!?