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Sunday, June 6, 2010

5 Months Old

I feel like I am saying the same thing all the time, but here it goes again... my how the time flies! Hard to believe that Sara Wells is already 5 months old! It is amazing how much joy she has brought to our already full life. I love to watch Ella and Miller love on her. Oh, they love her soooo much. It makes my heart swell! Just the other day a someone asked me how life was with three. I told them it is pretty amazing, but somehow Sara Wells has evened us out and I really feel like I am handling 3 better than 2. Crazy I know, but I feel more calm and steady. I can definitely feel that the Lord as at work in my life giving me more peace and patience everyday! He always gives exactly what I need.

Sara Wells is the happiest, most laid back baby that just smiles at me all the time. However, yall would never know it because I cannot get her to smile when I take a picture. The closest I got was the picture with her sticking her tongue out at me, which is pretty darn cute, but no smile. Oh, her smile just melts me all over!

My mom was in town this weekend. When she is here all she does is play with the grand kids. As she kindly put it as apologized for both Murray and me doing much needed house chores and not spending time with her or the kids, "it is great that I get to see you and Murray while I am here, but I came to see Miller, Ella and Sara Wells, not you and Murray." And that is what she does when she is here. She is nonstop with the kids, always playing some new game. In this picture, they had just finished watching Ratatouille and my mom got so inspired that she, Chef Ella and Chef Miller went into the kitchen and whipped up some muffins. They decided next time Granna came to town they would open their own muffin shop. Ella is going to make Rainbow Muffins and Miller is going to make Chocolate Muffins. Watch out Magic Muffin, the Lee Children are about to enter your market!

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