Monday, June 14, 2010

Big Day

Wahoo!!! No accidents today!!!

They did not have Spiderman under-roos at Wal-Mart, but Cars seemed to have done the trick. Lightening McQueen provided some great motivation today! Miller did not want to get his new underwear dirty! I am still not convinced he is all the way ready. Every time the timer goes off and it is time to go to the bathroom Miller cries and begs not to go on the potty. He did have a big break through tonight with Murray, in the middle of a movie he told Murray he had to go to the bathroom, he marched right to the potty and went! We will see what tomorrow brings...


  1. YEAH for Miller!I am so proud of him! Can you tell I am a grandmother??!! So glad that the underwear are doing some good.....Ella will be an inspiration as well....he will want to be just like her....

  2. just sticking my nose in, but we had Bubs sit backward on the potty while training him. LOTS more stability, easier to aim INTO the potty and the transition to standing has been simple. He would hold the toilet lid and pretend he was driving a car - made it fun instead of a chore. Sounds like Miller is doing GREAT!

  3. becky, that is awesome! we have only had one out of control spraying, but that is a great idea! might steal that one. what is the address of your blog? i just tried to find it and could not