Saturday, June 19, 2010

Drum Roll Please...

He did it!!! Miller is potty trained!

Honestly, I am shocked. I thought it might happen, but I really thought it would be more Murray and me who were potty trained than Miller. But he did it! He tells us every time he has to go. I am so proud of my Miller Man! My advice: underwear that they love, setting the timer, not caving in (even with lots of crying and begging for diapers, that is if you are pretty confident they are ready) and lots and lots of M&M's (Miller got two M&M"s every time the timer went off and he had dry underwear and then two more if he went on the potty. And if he poops, he gets a blow pop!). Now that he is officially potty trained, we are somehow going to have to wean the candy!


  1. Yeah for Miller! You go boy! Who cares about the candy.....some of us grownups eat that daily anyway! Now Mom and Dad can take a nice cruise trip for the $ they get to save on diapers!

  2. Congratulations Miller! Such a big boy!