Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Advice Needed

Sara Wells has never been accused of being a great napper. She sleeps great at night, but not so much during the day. Most days she at least takes a fairly decent afternoon nap. But now she is even struggling with that. After about an hour/hour and a half into her nap she just starts crying and then really crying. Now, I am definitely a firm believer in letting them cry it out (however I don't think Sara Wells has ever cried it out), but when I go in there she has flipped over to her belly and cannot roll back over by herself. And once she is awake, she is awake! So, it is pointless to roll her over and then walk over. I am wondering if anyone has any trick on keeping babies from rolling over in their bed or how to teach them very quickly how to roll back over to their back. We all need good afternoon naps! And I really don't want to make a habit of one hour afternoon naps.


  1. Can she get out of a swaddle?..Have you tried a sleep sack? It may keep her contained...?

  2. she rolls over in the swaddled blanket and i think it frustrates her even more. do you think she would not be able to in the sleep sack? my thoughts were she would just roll over in that too?

  3. hey! we just went through this with Cullen about a month ago, he was an early roller. I literally tried everything!!!!!! I finally had to let him cry and learn to fall asleep on his back (he's a tummy sleeper), so obviously it would be the opposite for you. It was three LONG nights, and he finally learned to fall asleep on his back and side. about a week later he was rolling from front to back and all over. now he sleeps great for naps and nite! thanks again for all of your advice for me. cullen has cereal in the am and nite and is doing great.