Thursday, February 28, 2013

Easter Dress

I should have posted this weeks ago.

But I just realized a few days ago, there are only about 5 weeks to Easter!
So, if you just had the same realization as me and are scurrying to find the perfect dress for your 2 year old,
I have the perfect one for you!  

This beautiful dress is made of Antique Linen and Antique Italian Lace.
There is a long story how I ended up with an extra Easter Dress that I posted here last year.
This dress was only worn for these pictures.  When Sara Wells tried this dress on she got a small sucker smudge on the dress.  I had the dress dry cleaned and there is no trace of the sucker.

The dress is a size 3 and is 22 inches from shoulder to hem.  The back has 3 button closures.
And has a beautiful slip (that Sara Wells loves more than the dress) that closes with ribbon ties.
 (Just so you know, these pictures were take a year ago.  This is Sara Wells 2 years old in these pictures)
 Please let me know if you are interested in this dress.  The cost is $80.

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