Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another Tooth!

I don't understand... it just keeps happening.  They just keep growing up!  As much as I try I just cannot seem to stop them!  
Miller ran up to me on the playground, "Mommy, Mommy, it just fell out all on its own!"

It does not seem possible that Miller is old enough to loose his first tooth.
Our sweet, creative Miller drew a picture for the Tooth Fairy (of the Tooth Fairy) with a note on it asking for a toy.  We tried to convince Miller that the Tooth Fairy was too small to carry a toy all the way to his bedroom, but that reasoning did not work with him.  We were a little worried Miller might be a bit let down in the morning when there was no toy under his pillow and only a dollar.  But we were wrong!  He was just thrilled the Tooth Fairy paid him a visit.  After watching the Tooth Fairy visit Ella 6 times, he was so proud that she finally came just for HIM!

I keep telling Miller he cannot grow up, but he just won't listen!

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