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Monday, February 25, 2013

Moving On...

I have been making it to my blog a little less often over the past couple of weeks.  There are lots of reasons, life is crazy, kids are keeping us busier than ever, there is so much laundry it is pouring out our windows...  But there are two main reasons I have been less frequent.  The first is we finally started watching Downton Abbey.  I know, I know.  Where have we been?  I don't know!  But we are so glad we finally caught on.  However, it is definitely keeping my away from my computer.  Oh well, its soooo good!  You will just have to bear with me:)

The second reason...

The most asked question Murray and I have gotten over the past 2 years is "how are things with your house coming along?"

Well, we can finally say, "It is all over!!!!"  Wahooooo!  We are finally moving on...
Hopefully within the next 6 or 7 months we will be finished with rental houses and will be in our forever home!
We are in the processing of selling our lot and are building on a lot in the neighborhood where Ella started school.
April 26, 2011 we never would have imagined what the next two years would look like.  But looking back now, it is amazing to see how even though this is never what we would have planned, God has gone before us every step of the way and prepared our perfect path.
Over and over and over and over again, the Lord provided exactly what we needed at exactly the right time!  This will be one of the experiences in our life that we will be able look back on as a family and always remember how faithful God is!  
One of the things that Murray misses most about having our own house is having projects to do around the house.  It seemed pretty fitting that our first project at the new lot was to bring over the tree that knocked down our house.
The kids were not thrilled that we choose one of the two days it has snowed this year to move the wood.
But the really cool culvert on the side of our lot helped get rid of bad attitudes.
Sadly, my camera died and I did not get anymore pictures of our new lot.  So, you will probably just get glimpses along the way:)

The last several weeks (and many, many, many more to come) have been spent planning, pouring over house plans, getting lots and lots of ideas and trying to decide what is best for our family.  I have been filling up my Pintrest boards!  We are so excited to finally be planning all the details for our home!

Praise the Lord how even when we did not understand His ways, he continued to be faithful to our family!  Thank you for all of your prayers for our family over the past two years!  

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  1. Can't wait to see the new house! Based on your pins, it's gonna be awesome! :)