Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Winners are...

When I think of my favorite Valentine's memories, it is the times that I have spent with the kids as they labor over making their perfect Valentines - either signing their name 20 times, which at certain ages is a huge labor of love, or planning and making the perfect Valentine treats for loved ones.  The Lee kids are so thoughtful and get so excited about making or buying the perfect gift and then giving it.   It is such a joy for me to watch them carefully plan and then implement their perfect Valentines.   I can remember working very hard with my mom making the perfect Valentines and the perfect Valentines boxes.  And I love that I am now making those memories with my kids!

And, of course, I always loved getting a box of chocolates from my parents!  What would Valentine's Day be without chocolate???

And now, the Valentine's WINNERS...

The winners are (chosen randomly)...

Sara  and  Jane!

Happy February to all!

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