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Sunday, February 10, 2013


I feel like this year has been a transition year.  First of all Ella starting school (all day school) was a huge transition.  
Celebrating 101st day of school as a 101 year old

And within about a month of carpool, Sara Wells dropped her afternoon nap.  So now we have no nappers.  
First family trip to skating rink - which was sooo fun!

I only realized recently what a change this has been.  Before this year, I mostly used afternoons as "me time."  Usually that ended up being sewing projects or just getting odds and ends done around the house while the kids were quiet.
With no naps and Ella getting home at 3:00, that "me time" has pretty much disappeared.  
If you would have told me last year that this time might be going away, I probably would have been really sad and tried to hang on tight (not in a good way, but more like it was some right that I was owed).  
But looking back over the school year so far, realizing that I have hardly made anything for the kids or sat down at ALL during the day, I don't think I would change a thing.  
Candy Land at the Library 

Yes, I always love when I get a chance to sneak down to my sewing room and create something -  anything, we have filled up our time just having fun together.  

I know next year will be a whole new transition because Miller will start all day Kindergarten, so it will be just Sara Wells and me all day.  
So, for now, I am doing my best to really enjoy and make the most of the time we have together.  Which often means giving up that 15 min I thought I might get something done to read the 3rd or 4th transformer book of the day.  
Sara Wells did not love the Candy Land characters
But, the ice cream made up for it!

I can remember just a couple of years ago saying, "the days are long but years are so fast."  

Those days at home with several toddlers and babies can be so long and so trying!  But now, wow, I feel like I blink and Ella is home!  The days are going by so fast that when Sunday rolls around, I can hardly believe that another week has slipped by!

So, I am trying, trying hard, not to get bogged down in all the little things (laundry, spelling tests, dishes, laundry, grocery trips) and just enjoy the time we have now!

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