Thursday, February 7, 2013

Glittery Magnet

Here is a fun, last minute Valentine's Day project.  

Now let me clarify, this will be lots of fun for your kids.  And if you can let go of keeping everything neat and clean and done the way you think it should be done (a-hem -- speaking to myself here!) it will be lots of fun for you too.
All you need is glitter, glue, magnets cupcake liners (or small bowls) and a paper plate for glue.  Oh, and of course something to cover your table with!

To reduce as much stress as possible, I would suggest getting everything set up before you tell your kiddos what is about to happen.
Your kids will be super excited when they walk in the room and see the cupcake liners filled with GLITTER!
 This is very simple: rub the magnet in glue,
then in the glitter
and then let dry. 
It is a little messy, which makes it all the better for the kids :)
And then add your message (draw with glue and then add glitter).  I just used card stock because that it what I had on hand.  Cardboard, or even a cute tin tray could work well too.  I attached the magnets to the paper by putting magnets on the back.
The kids actually gave these as Christmas presents this year, but they would make a great Valentine's Happy for loved ones.

**After the magnets dried, I put a coat of modge podge on the magnets so the glitter would not get every where.  The recipients will appreciate this!


  1. So cute! You are such a good mom! I am so proud of you....btw, D and T LOVED their lunch bags!