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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lessons from Miller

I tell you what, this little boy is the sweetest boy I know!

He is also the most thoughtful!  

This year Miller is in the Honey Bee Class Room.  Which means every student has a week where they are the Honey Bee of the Week.  Usually being the Honey Bee of the Week entails a special poster and being the Line Leader for the week.

But not for Miller!  In September, only weeks after he learned the details of Honey Bee of the Week, Miller saw this advertisement in a magazine.
And of course he knew they would be perfect for all of his friends in his class.   Since September, Miller has been pulling out this piece of paper and planning for the day that he gets to make his honey bees.

The week finally arrived.
It was finally time to make the Honey Bees.
I will admit, it was a little more work than I thought it would be... 
 but that did not phase Miller!  He worked for about an hour getting each Honey Bee just right!
And, oh my goodness where they cute!!!
 (Although Miller did tell me that ours did not look as good as the ones on the piece of paper!  It made me laugh because of course I was comparing ours to the ones in the advertisement and they came nowhere close in comparison.  So we had a quick lesson in comparing yourself to others - really more for me than him).
The next morning Miller woke up ecstatic that he was finally Honey Bee of the Week.  All morning we planned what he was going to tell say when explaining his poster to his friends.  And he just knew how excited his friends would be to get their very own Honey Bee.
 We went upstairs to brush our teeth before heading off to school...

And came downstairs to the worst scene ever...
Sage (our dog) had eaten the Honey Bees!

I don't know who was more heart broken.  Even Sara Wells knew the gravity of what had just happened.

Every tear that Miller shed just broke my heart to pieces! (there were quite a few tears)  Months and months of anticipation and planning just gone in 3 minutes!  It was A W F U L!!!

I think Miller knew making the Honey Bees again was out of the question, but I assured him I would find something special for his class.  As heartbroken as he was, Miller accepted what had happened and left the house that morning a little sad, but with a great attitude (he was not even upset with the dog!).  

I can definitely learn a lesson or two from my sweet boy.  If only I could handle disappointments and frustrations with such grace and forgiveness and willingness to let it go and move on!

Of course the really cute cookies I found really helped make everything better.

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  1. Bless that sweet Miller's heart! So glad you were able to find such a good substitute!