Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dress For Sale

And no, I did not make it!

Here is the story behind why I am selling this beautiful dress.  Murray's mom bought the girls beautiful Easter dresses from this great little Linen store right on Jackson Square in New Orleans.  We picked out the perfect Easter dresses for the girls.  
The only catch was that the dresses off of the rack were all knee length and I needed the dresses longer since I wanted this to be the dress Sara Wells would get her picture made in this summer.  Since we were in New Orleans without the kids(!), I told them that I would call with the right length when we got back to Birmingham.
Well, Alabama won, it was crazy, we got home and it was even more crazy at home and I ended up calling about 3 or 4 days after I got home, thinking it would not be a big deal, surely they would not have started the dresses yet.
Well, I was wrong.  They had already cut out Sara Wells's dress:(  I am so sad because the dress is beautiful, but by this summer it will be too short for pictures.
After I tried the dress on, I talked to the owner of the store and he agreed that even though it was a custom made dress, he would sell the dress and make me a new dress.
Unfortunately, when I was folding the dress to send it back, I realized that Sara Wells had gotten sucker right on the front of the dress!  How that happened, I have no idea.  I had the dress dry cleaned and there is not a trace of sucker on the dress, but I just did not feel like I could send it back for him to sell it.
It is made from antique linen and antique Italian lace.
The dress is a size 3 and is 22 inches from shoulder to hem.  The back has 3 button closures.
And has a beautiful slip (that Sara Wells loves more than the dress) that closes with ribbon ties.
 This dress could be yours:)
 Please let me know if you are interested in this dress.  The cost is $80.

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