Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Last Minute Easter Decorations

With all that has been going on here, we have not done anything to get our house ready for Easter.  I started to feel a little bad because thinking back over the last month, we (the kids and I) have not really had any special project.  The kids are never happier than when we are making something together.   Since we have no Easter decorations, I thought we could make something for Easter (even if it will only be out for two weeks).

Looking back at the pictures, I would say that the kids had fun.
And they made some quick and easy Easter decorations for our table.
A while ago Murray's mom told me about these painted glass balls that she had seen on The Chew.  I have been wanting to try them since she told me about them.  

I thought they might be a little twist on traditional Easter eggs.

This is a super easy project!  All you need is clear glass balls and your choice of paint colors.
I got this set of 12 from Hobby Lobby (don't forget you can always get a coupon online).
Squirt the paint into the glass balls and turn
and turn
and turn
until you have the desired effect.  We found the it helps to turn the ball while you are squirting the paint in so the paint hits in different places in the ball.
You can have more than one color in a ball.  The key is waiting for one color to dry all the way before adding another color.  We did not have that kind of patience and were perfectly happy with one color.
 And there you have it, simple, cute, (cheap), easy and fun for the kids Easter decorations!
Too bad we do not have lights in our dinning room yet, so we are not eating at the dinning room table.  But every time I walk through the room I smile.

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