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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Soccer started back this week.  
Two things that are going to make this Ella's best season yet...

1.  Murray is her coach.  He was the "assistant coach" last year, but he is now The Coach.  Ella loves it and Murray LOVES it!  I don't think Murray (the football player) ever imagined he would actually love soccer being a part of his life; it is amazing how having children changes your perspective on everything, even the sports you love:)
2.  Ella's team is ALL girls!  Talk about confidence builder for Ella!  Ella had so much fun and loves her new friends.
The season started out great!  Ella scored her first goal ever.  And not only that, she scored 2 goals!
This is her scoring her second goal.  I am so disappointed, at the time that she scored her first goal I was chasing Sara Wells while trying to clean the coffee out of the chair that Miller spilled.  At least I did not miss the goal, just could not grab the camera.  The look on Ella's face will forever be etched in my memory.  She could not believe she scored.  Her face was pure joy!

Here was my first attempt to get a picture of Ella while she had the ball to make up for missing her first goal.  As you can see, as I snapped the picture Sara Wells pulled the camera strap and I snapped of Ella's head.  At least I can tell she is running after that ball.
Later in the game I made up for it, by taking proud Mama shots like this
 and this.

Since soccer has started back, Sara Wells has a new favorite accessory.
Ella's soccer socks have become a staple in Sara Wells's wardrobe.

So, of course, she sported her new favorite accessory to Ella's soccer game.  I am sure you are wondering what kind of mother takes her 2 year old to the soccer field without a shirt.  In my defense, she did have a shirt on.  It poured all day on Friday, so the fields were soaked.  Within the first 5 minutes of being at the soccer fields, Sara Wells fell flat on her face while chasing her soccer ball.  Her shirt felt like she just jumped in a swimming pool.  So she was shirtless for the entire game.
And it did not take long for the shorts to come off too.
But, don't you worry, those socks stayed on!

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  1. Kim! I LOVE reading about your family life and how SW is growing up! Thanks for a sweet blog. I love all of you!