Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Today is the Day

Well, the day has finally come for this little one to get potty trained!
 Sara Wells picked out her very own panties and lots of M&M's yesterday at the store, 
so we are ready to begin!
 I am not excited about this at all.  Personally, I think potty training is way over rated.  
It makes every store visit take at least twice as long.  It is especially bad with girls,
I have not found one public restroom that is not DISGUSTING!

Sara Wells is about as excited about it as I am.  
Right now she is holding onto my legs screaming crying because she does not want to have
to wait for the timer to go off and have clean panties.  She wants her M&M's NOW,
not in the 2 minutes she has left to wait.  

I am really hoping at some point today it clicks.  We may have a long couple of days ahead of us.  
I guess it has to happen at some point, why not today?

Hope you all have a great day:)
When you think of me, just say a little prayer that I do not loose my sanity 
today (and tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that:) )

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