Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shameless Plug

I have not just one shameless plug but two...

Shameless Plug #1

Miller and Sara Wells are in a photo contest (cutest photo that you have taken personally for the opportunity to win a photo shoot).  

This is one of my favorites of Miller!  Captures him perfectly and I think the lighting and background are pretty cool.
This picture of Sara Wells is one of my all-time favorites!  I laugh every time I scroll through my phone and see it.  May not necessarily be the cutest, "awe so cute", but "oh my goodness" laugh out loud cute.  It also makes you think this poor girl does need professional pictures made if this is what her mama takes of her!

Vote HERE.  To vote just "like" the pictures of Miller and Sara Wells.

Shameless Plug #2

Jessica Wright Photography

Jessica is the host of the photo contest of that Miller and Sara Wells are in.  Unfortunately this really only applies to those of you who are in Birmingham, but to those of you who are and are looking for a photography, Jessica is AWESOME!  What would be really great to have right here are some of the awesome pictures that she has taken of the kids.  But since my computer is ancient and the cd drive no longer works, all of the pictures she has taken are on Murray's computer.  But definitely visit her website HERE and give her a call if you are interested in having pictures made!!!  You will not be sorry!

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