Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Secret Ingredient

The past couple of years our garden our garden has not been the biggest success.  For a number of reasons.  
The number one reason is the deer!  UGG!  Those deer!  Last year we took a lot of measures to keep the deer away.  But the number two, the tornado, happened and we had to leave our garden all alone.  Without tending, the garden was hopeless.  We got a few tomatoes and lots and lots of basil and sage, but that was it.  
When I realized we were not going back to our house anytime soon, I never imagined we would have a garden at our new home.  It was just something we were going to have to wait for. 
But we were pleasantly surprised when we found the perfect garden spot (we are a little worried about the amount of sunlight, but crossing our fingers it will be enough).  

Besides the small detail of enough sunlight, we are feeling very positive about our garden.  Number one reason is we have a very large fence around our yard which will definitely keep those pesky deer out (when I say pesky I mean, the last time Murray went to our house he counted 11 deer prancing away from our backyard, I think they were even laughing!).  And number two is our secret ingredient:


They have got to have the best tag line ever:
"We are Number 1 in the Number 2 Business"

When Murray got home, he told the kids he had a big surprise for them in his car.  Any mention of surprise brings the excitement level in the house up 100 fold!  So when he told them it was 5 bags of cow poop they were a little deflated.  
 However, once they got outside and started spreading the Moo-Nure, they had a blast!

 We have added a few new suspects to our garden this year:
 Lima Beans

If the garden does come in like we are hoping it will, we are going to have lots and lots of beans, peppers and tomatoes!  Hopefully plenty to share!!!

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