Saturday, March 24, 2012

Flying Kites

It is official, we are moved into our new house!  It only took about 3 1/2 days of unpacking and arranging to get settled in our new home.  Sara Wells is thrilled because it means there will be no more long afternoons of running from store to store to get those little things that make a house function smoothly, like toilet paper holders, shower curtains, light bulbs...

Miller, however was not quite as happy because the house being settled meant he had to come home from Granna's.  When I told Miller it was time to go home, he jumped back into Granna's car.  This is a very tame picture of the whole event.  I literally had to drag Miller out of the car while he was kicking and screaming.

So to celebrate our family being back together and settled in our new house, we headed to the lake to try to enjoy the last few days of Spring Break.  Unfortunately it poured all morning on Friday and then all afternoon.  

We took the small break in the rain as an opportunity to get outside and fly Miller and Ella's new kites.  We started in the backyard without much success.
So, we loaded up and headed to the Marina for a wide open space on the water where we could still get the breeze without the worry of the kites getting caught in the trees.
The pictures make it look like we had a very successful kite flying afternoon.
But pictures can be a little deceiving.
In all actuality, the kites spent most of the time on the ground.  Murray and I need some kite flying tips.
When the rain drops started falling, Miller lost interest.  He found this pipe (sewer drain) that he thought would be great place for all of the raindrops to go into.  Thankfully Murray noticed what Miller was playing with before he started digging around in it.

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