Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So Close!

The time has come, moving week is here.  It is hard to believe that the time has come.  I have to say that living in someone else's home (one that is not solely a rental property) has been very interesting.  We have constantly been on our guard to keep everything as good as it was when we moved in and when possible, to make it even better.  When we moved into this house the family who owned the house moved to Houston.  The plan was that the owners were going to put the house back on the market when we were close to moving out.  Things changed when the husband got offered a job at his old practice.  

We were definitely on our guard when we thought the owners were putting their house back on the market, but when we found out the owners would be moving back into the house our "constantly reminding the kids this is not our house," was stepped up a notch!  And we did so good!  The only major problem was some drawing on the wall done the first week we got here (btw, they have never, never drawn on the walls before, why here?).  That was until Sunday night...

The Lee's were hit with the stomach bug.  So far it has just been Ella and me (and I really don't think anyone else is going to come down with it at this point).  While I was sick on the couch, Murray scooped up Ella as she was in the process of getting sick.  Thinking only of how close we were to moving and leaving the house is almost the same condition as when we moved in, Murray definitely sacrificed himself!  However their was a little trail in bedroom to the bathroom.  In my vengeance to get the carpet clean and leave no stains (while I was sick), I somehow bleached the carpet! 

You can see the trail to the bathroom:(

Today I spent about 2 hours cleaning the fridge.  I am hoping that the sparkling refrigerator will just blow the owners away and they will not notice the "lighter" spots in the bedroom!  Thinking positive always helps!!!

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