Monday, March 19, 2012

Moving News

Wednesday night was Sara Wells last night in her crib.
We had planned on moving her into a big girl bed about a month ago.  After I started the process of moving all of Ella's stuff into her room (Ella and Sara Wells are now going to share a room) we found out we would be moving again.  So, we delayed the "moving to a big bed" until the move.
The movers came Thursday morning and took down the crib for the last time (until grandkids).
No tears were shed, but it was more emotional than I was prepared for. 
The hardest part was when the movers moved the crib into the new house and it went straight into the storage room.  It is now hidden behind a mounds and mounds of boxes.

(Sara Wells is giving kisses out of the side of the slats of the bed.  Her favorite way to give kisses at night.  We are going to have to find new ways of giving goodnight kisses).
Thursday morning Sara Wells knew everyone needed some Super Strength 
and dressed proudly in her SuperGirl costume.
For the "big move," Ella and Miller went to Knoxville to spend their Spring Break with Granna and Granddaddy.  From the text pictures I have gotten, I think they are having a good time...

Pump It Up
 Ice Cream (and notice the big bags of M&M's)

Sara Wells has been spending her days with EG.  Thursday EG and SuperGirl went to Tuscaloosa and spent the day with Chloe and Fitz.  They have also been to the Zoo, Yogurt Mountain, TCBY...

All that to say, the Lee Kids are doing fine with the move.  
They actually might be fine with moving every month.

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