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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

While We Were in Knoxville...

Murray and Ella had a great father-daughter weekend.  My trip to Knoxville had been planned since the beginning of the summer.  When I am going out of town for the weekend and not coming back for church on Sunday, I always plan on bringing the kids with me since Sunday morning for Murray does not have a lot of flexibility.  As our trip approached and Murray realized not only was it the weekend of Alabama's first game (a morning game that he could actually go to!) and the Mountain Brook vs Vestavia (his high school vs rival high school) he started to think about how much fun he and Miller would have spending the weekend together watching football.  Miller has REALLY been into football lately so we both thought Miller would be really excited.  Here is how the conversation went:

Murray:  Miller do you want to stay home with me this weekend and go to the Alabama game and watch the Alabama linebackers (Murray was a linebacker and Miller loves watching the linebackers).

Miller:  Why don't you come to Knoxville with me to see Granddaddy and Granna.

Murray:  Are you sure you don't want to have a guys weekend and go to the Alabama game with Daddy?

Miller:  Why don't you just come to Knoxville with me?  We can stay at Granddaddy's.

Ella:  I'll stay with you Daddy!  I want to go to the Alabama Game!!!

One day Miller will love spending a weekend with just Daddy that is all about football.  He is just not quite there yet.  Murray and Ella ended up having a great time (and was probably very much needed right before starting kindergarten!)!!!  Murray sent pictures over the weekend from all of their adventures...

Friday afternoon they headed out to the farm to pick the scuppernongs (a type of grape).  

Ella filled two buckets (more on these later)
Came home and had a nice dessert for their hard work.  Why not eat dessert in the middle of the afternoon right out of the dish?  Only with Daddy!!!
This is the picture that Ella sent Miller from the Mountain Brook vs Vestavia game.  We recounting the weekend to me, the thing that stuck out most to Ella about the game was that she got to stay up way past her bedtime.  This picture looks like she is having a pretty good time to me.
 Saturday morning: Ready for the Big Game.
Ella and Addison endured the heat together as they cheered on Alabama.
Sunday Murray took Ella to Charming Charlie's to pick out a beautiful butterfly necklace.
The is the last picture from the weekend.  The text with the picture said, "Ella wanted to go to Wendy's for a date.  She is going to make the best wife.  Two football games and Wendy's for a date!"
Obviously, Ella and Murray had a great time.  After getting all these pictures I was shocked when Murray told me that she was missing me.  A weekend with Daddy is WAY more fun than a weekend with Mommy.  Every little girl needs to get spoiled by their Daddy every now and then:)


  1. love love seeing all your pictures and hearing about the ireland trip this year. i also love little sara wells- she reminds me so much of kate- they would be good friends :)

  2. This post made me cry! The anniversary of my Dad's death was last week and I remember doing this with him. She will NEVER forget this time with Murray! Thanks for touched my heart!