Saturday, September 10, 2011

School's Back in Session

School (finally) started on Wednesday.
 Which means Ella started Kindergarten!
I don't know how our little girl 
turned into a big kindergartner!
 Miller is now in 3 year old preschool.
And even though you cannot tell in this picture, he LOVES it!
Side Note:  Can you believe he wore a sweater on the first day of school in Alabama?
I am loving this weather!!!
 Sara Wells feels like she is finally one of the big kids.
 She is most excited about having her own lunch box!

Sausage Pinwheels for breakfast to get ready for the Big Day.

Miller's good friend Drew is in his class again this year.
Miller ran in and would barely even look back for me to take this picture.
Ella on the other hand put up a little bit of a fuss.
This looks like a sweet picture, but do you see how tight she is squeezing my neck?
I ended up having to sneak out through the bathroom while her teachers pulled her back in the room.
I am looking forward to carpool starting on Monday!

Everyone had a great first day of school!
Loved their teachers
Loved their new friends
And excited about being a year older

We celebrated the first day of school (really Kindergarten) at Yogurt Mountain.

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