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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ireland: Part 2

This year was the third year that we have gone to Greystones Presbyterian Church to lead Holiday Bible Club (For two years we put VBS on the t-shirts and finally realized they do not have a clue what Vacation Bible school is.  Evidently it is very American.  It only took 3 years, but we learned).  Our first year we started out with just a kid's club in the morning with about 25 to 30 kids.  Last year we added an afternoon club for 11 to 14 year old kids.  We had around 50 to 55 kids total.  So we were blown away this year we were blown away when we had almost 100 kids the first day!  Luckily Courtney, our Children's Director, decided it would be better to have way more than not enough and ordered 100 of everything.
We gave away every single t-shirt that we brought.
 There are a lot of yellow Holiday Bible Club t-shirts running around Greystones...
 Singing lots of crazy songs!
 When you have that many kids in the morning, a little R & R is needed to prepare for the afternoon.
 In our short time in Greystones, we have introduced a sport that is taking over the town:
 Last summer after we left they painted the 4-square court on the back patio.
 One of the traditions that we started our first year is an American Bar-b-que for the kids' families.
6 Boston Butts, 60 Hamburgers, 160 Sausages
Not one bite left!
 My sweet group.
About half of this group was in my group last year.
 All those kids in this sweet little church.
 Tuesday night a couple from our group (who are phenomenal musicians) 
had a gig at the local coffee shop.
 They were joined by Gwen
 and Erin
 This is as close as Murray is going to get to being a musician.
 We couldn't pass up this photo op
 Two of my favorite cottages we passed every day on the walk to the church.
Just look at those hydrangeas!  
 Our walk back to our Bed and Breakfast
(Like walking in a postcard!)
Every night the group unwound over dinner.
Every night was a new experience.
This particular night we waited over two hours to get our food! 
I said it in my previous post, but one of the most amazing things about this trip is the relationships that we have built.  We get to go back every year and see these same families and see how the Lord is continuing to work in their lives.  Yes, the scenery is beautiful (everything you imagine Ireland would be like, it is), but the work is great!  We feel honored to be a part of this ministry!

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