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Monday, September 12, 2011

Labor Day in Knoxville

Sara Wells, Miller and I spent Labor Day Weekend in Knoxville.  With all that has been going on here this summer, we have not been to Knoxville all summer!  So, it was a much needed get-a-way.  Besides spending time with family (that is a given), the best part of the trip was taking the kids to The Cabin.
This is where I spent weeks and weeks every summer of my childhood.  I have so many memories playing in this very spot.  
One of my mom's closest and oldest friends has owned this cabin in the Smokey Mountains as long as I can remember.  I have been wanting to take the kids to the cabin for a long time, but it just has not worked out.  We finally made it and I felt like I passed on part of my childhood to my children.

A lot of times Miller has to be talked into liking new things.  Since I was not sure how he would like being in the cold water with shoes on and dirt and small pebbles getting in his shoes, we really talked up looking for crawdads.  
Fortunately we found a "grandaddy crab" within one minute of getting down to the water.  Finding that crawdad distracted Miller from all the things that would normally cause him to fall apart (dirt, rocks, cold water) and continue on his search for more grandaddy crabs!
 Sara Wells was not quite as thrilled about the crawfish.
This rock is the picture rock.  My mom has filled scrapbooks with pictures of me and all the friends that I took to the cabin with me over the years.  I will confess, getting this picture was much more difficult than it looks!
Granddaddy never passes up an opportunity to get in a nap.  
To make the trip official, we stopped on the way and got fried chicken for lunch.  The last time I had Popeye's fried chicken was probably when I was at the cabin.
Granddaddy quickly discovered the way to Sara Wells' heart... Food!
Miller and Sara Wells cuddled up on the couch together for relaxing evenings watching cartoons.  (Ok, just look at those legs... don't you just want to eat them up!!!)
And we played lots and lots of hide and seek.
 Miller won the trophy for finding the best hiding spot of the trip.


  1. Looks like a great trip. Glad the kids got introduced to popeye's -- it's the BEST!